2013 : NOT “Walk The Path”, But “Surf The Sea”

After he hit the ball, he directly go to round first,
things that he never done before,
without realizing any other things..
Here’s what’s really interesting.
When he arrived on round first, people laughing at him.
Because, he didn’t realize the ball went over the fence.
He hit a home run and didn’t even realize it.
Yes, It’s a metaphor..

(~Moneyball Movie)

It’s already 2013 now. I’m brimming with optimism and happy to welcome this new year. Particularly, because what I’ve done back in 2012. I’ll always treasure the 2012 as the year when I able “to make things happens”, a chapter of dream come true, so to speak. And yes, it all look too perfect.

And truth is, I’ve never been in this phase of my life before. I used to live on “chasing the dream”, but once I got the dream, and continue living with all the routine in it, I felt that I need to adapt on actually “how for living in the dream” itself.

The thing is, previoulsy, I used to look at goal setting as picking a destination, then figuring out a path how to get there, trying to enjoy the ride, and be happy with the journey. Only, after I’ve arrived there, I realized that “destination” is not exactly like mountain that won’t move, but in reality, it’s the landscape that changing constantly.

Not “Walk The Path”

“The Now What?” or “The What Next” are the questions that comes very common. I mean, I hit one goal and head on to the next. Sometimes, I feel I never take time to celebrate, or just enjoying the achievement. It’s like, by the time I get to my goal, I don’t even care anymore. My sights are set on something else entirely. So “this” goal is old news.

But, for 2013, I want my focus to enjoy “the view” after I’ve climbed-up “the impossible ladder”, since four years ago. I know, it’s great to always be looking ahead, but the point is, reaching a goal deserves a little acknowledgment. Just like the quote from “Moneyball movie” I mentioned above, I think I’ve already “hit a home run”, so I want to appreciate everything I went through to get to this point. I don’t want to just discount how far I’ve come, just because I’ve got the next step in mind.

That’s not to say that I won’t do anything this year, but the thing is, I want to plan as little as possible, because, learned from previous year, most of what I might plan can be changed. So, why create a fiction or drama for that?

But, “Surf The Sea”

Yup, Life is more like the sea, ever changing with no fixed paths or destinations, with swells and currents and waves that change everything at every moment. The ultimate skill, then, isn’t setting a destination (goal) or a path (plan), but surfing the sea.

In surfing, you take whatever waves come, learn to judge the waves as they come, learn to ride the wave as it changes, not as you planned. It’s going with the flow (literally), and changing what you do, depending on how the flow changes. So, it’s the act of fluidity, where I can feel the flexibility. Without specific plans or goals, but I’ll know how to pick my priorities fluidly, in the moment.

Life changes things, and it’s when we cling to our goals and plans that will make we’re unhappy or stressed. But, when we learn to surf the wave as it comes, we can be very happy, no matter what comes.

And to surf the life, I’m sure what I need is “balance”. So, I want to enjoy “the view”, and at the same time, keep moving towards “the balance”. Yes, “Balance” will be the keyword for the year of 2013.

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