It’s fun actually, to define a true love system based on alphabet.
At least, I can imagine what the true love is from this system.. Eventhough just for fun, but I hope, I can get it someday..

(A)ccept her as who she is, and only as who she is

(B)elieves each other

(C)alls sometimes, even just to say “Hi”

(D)oesn’t give up on her, and she doesn’t give up on me too

(E)nvision the whole of me (even the unfinished parts)

(F)orgives each other’s mistakes

(G)ives unconditionally

(H)elps without being asked

(I)nvites me over

(J)ust “be” with me

(K)eeps close at heart

(L)oves her for who she is, and she loves me for who I am

(M)akes a difference in our life

(N)ever judge

(O)ffer support

(P)icks her up

(Q)uiets her fears

(R)aises her spirits

(S)ays nice things about me

(T)ells the truth when I/her need to hear it

(U)nderstands each other

(V)alues each other

(W)alks beside each other

(X)plains thing I/she don’t understand

(Y)ells when I/she won’t listen

(Z)aps me back to reality

Maybe it’s kind of a fairy tale (hahaha),
But still, I want to get it, and just let the time answer it…Amin..Amin..

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