A Logical Solution..

Now, here is a problem that finally has a formula
for getting to the bottom of an age old problem.
From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this:

What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?
Ever wonder about those people who say they’re giving more than 100%?
How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?

Here’s a little mathematical formula,
that might help you answer these questions:

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


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Alasan Memilih..

choose one
Artikel yang bener2 bikin awak ngakak pas pertama kali membacanya.
Tentu saja awak dapat dari rileks.comlabs.itb.ac.id (he3…)
Ya, cukup dibaca buat ketawa2 aja..hahaha…

Bagi para wanita, di dalam dunia kencan terdapat banyak pilihan,
misalnya di sebuah cafe, apakah harus
memilih cowo keren charming bersenyum indah yang melirik nakal,
atau laki-laki dingin (cool maksudnya) di ujung sana
yang sedang sibuk mengetik di laptopnya?

Well. . .ada beberapa alasan mengapa saya
merasa kalian (para wanita) sebenarnya lebih baik
memilih yang ke dua (sebut saja si cupu),
daripada yang pertama (sebut saja si gaol)..

Alasannya antara lain adalah :

1.Terlihat kemungkinan yang jelas si gaol mau apa dari kalian,
yaa… kecuali niat kalian “itu-itu” aja ya silahkan,
o iya..kemungkinannya kecil lho ada co cupu yang gak nelfon
kalian kalau mreka dah janji, bagi si cupu mungkin kesempatan “langka”,
tapi buat kalian kan itu menguntungkan.

2.Si cupu sangat berguna di dunia berteknologi tinggi ini,
tidakkah menyenangkan memiliki seseorang yang bisa mengurus laptopmu, aplikasinya, dan semua hal yang berhubungan dengan
kabel yang menancap di dinding?
Pasangan merangkap teknisi pribadi,haha..

3.Romantis, adalah salah satu yang mereka berikan,
oke lah ide romantis mereka mungkin meng-edit web page
untukmu atau terkesan dunia maya banget,
but hey..paling gak itu lebih awet dari bunga,
trus kamu bisa nunjukin hasilnya ke teman-teman..hehe..

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The Puzzle of Opportunity


Yeah, I know, if we think back to all events of our life,
Everybody surely ever thought (at some point of their life),
That perhaps,
too often we tend to associate the thought of wasted opportunities
with the big decisions we make in life.

Such as:
I should have taken that job,
I should have told that woman how I felt about her,
I should have followed my heart,
instead of yielding to my sense of pragmatism,
and pursued my dream to whatever.
Who knows what would have happened,
I might just be a happier person today.

Yeah, that kind of things…

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System Upgrade


I got this from debtconsolidationcare.com in a quite long time ago,
but, still, it’s always fun to read it…

Dear Technical Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0,
and noticed a slow down in the overall performance,
particularly in the flower and jewelry applications
that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition,
Before Husband 1.0 was installed last year,
many other valuable programs such as Romance 9.5
and Personal Attention 6.5 were ran succesfully,

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Wondering, Where’ll It be Heading..??


Yeah, I know, I’m kind of reach my low points in this time.
And, it makes me felt angry, and at the same time, also, sad..
But, last night, in Qiyamullail time, I was questioning myself.
What actually did make me feel angry, dissappoint, or even sad?
Job..?? Girl..?? Friends..?? or maybe, “stupid” football..??

Then I realized, none of all that matters.
It’s just because all of my expectation or maybe my ambition.
And, of course, I’m afraid to fail.

When I was a little, I liked to think that I knew everything,
but the last thing I really wanted, was to know too much.
What I really want was for grown-ups to make the world a safe place
where all my dreams can come true..
And when I was a kid, it didn’t seem like a lot to ask..

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Meningkatkan Performa PC lewat Ngedit Registry (1st)


Dari pengalaman awak menggunakan kompie ya,
Dalam beberapa jangka waktu pemakaian,
masuk ke dalam Windows kok makin lama makin susah ya..???
Jadi ngebutuhin waktu tambahan, gak seperti biasanya.
Trus, ngebuka program, juga rasanya kok makin lemot..???

Nah, kalo ngalamin yang gitu-gitu, apa harus install ulang Windows lagi?
Wah, nggak perlu seekstrim itu sebenarnya.

Dari sepengetahuan awak, ada beberapa hal sederhana yang dapat kita lakukan, diantaranya adalah :
(SOTOY mode : ON..hehehe)

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Nada Surf – Inside of Love

Well, if you watched How I Met Your Mother 1st season,
You’ll know this beautiful song…
I’ve got the video from youtube,
it was capturing perfect moments from this song in the serial movie…

And, since I always like alternative music, of course this one also alternative..

Intro: A  Dsus2
Chorus :
A  E   (F) F#m  Bm  D
Bridge : A  E   (F) Bm  F#m  D

Watching terrible TV, It kills all thought
Getting spacier than, an astronaut…

Making out with people, I hardly know or like
I can’t believe what I do, late at night…

I wanna know what it’s like, on the inside of love
I’m standing at the gates, I see the beauty above…

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It’s just sometimes…

Sometimes, we’re tending to judge other’s choice,
without seeing their view or their condition for possible reason…

Sometimes, we’re often thinking only others that is wrong,
just based on our personal preference..
And forgot, perhaps, they have more wisdom than us..

Sometimes, when we make a mistake, we said that is “sorry”,
And not noticed, if others make a mistake, we said they’re fool..

Sometimes, we remember people just based on a single mistake,
And forgot them based on their many good things..

Sometimes, We’re proud to watch “the movie” of our wonderful achievement,
and forgot that the only people that watched is just ourself..

Then, I realized that I can find the good in everybody,
if I just give them a chance, the benefit of the doubt..

Because, Sometimes people dissapoint you, Sometimes they surprise you…
But, you never really get to know them until you listen for what’s in their hearts..

Just in My Mind, though…

Wondering Alone...

People are lonely in this world for lots of different reason.
Some people have something in their disposition.
Maybe they were just born too mean,
or maybe they were born too tender…

But, most people are brought to where they are
by circumstance, by calamity, or a broken heart,
or something else happening in their lives
that wasn’t anything they planned on..

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A7F – Dear God

This song is always be “my friends”,
especially when I was finishing my bachelor thesis a few months ago…

Intro:  F-C-Dm-Am-B-F-C

F        C             Dm                 Am
A lonely road, crossed another cold state line,
Bb                F            C
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find,
F          C           Dm                 Am
While I recall all the words you spoke to me,
Bb                  F
Can’t help but wish that I was there,
Back where I’d love to be, oh yeah

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