Being Good Enough..??

A few days ago, my college friends celebrated the graduation. (Chat from yahoo messenger) The first question he asked to me, was the same “old” question for young professional (fresh graduate), “Am I really good enough for a real job”..?? Yep, almost the same question while I was fresh graduate too.

You see, ever since we were young, we’ve been taught that we aren’t good enough. Teachers have highlighted our mistakes with red pens and parents have wished we would’ve been better. It’s easy to assume that you don’t have any “value”, but you know what, you do, everybody do. Since I’m sure that every person have always something to offer.

Basically, the feelings of “not being good enough” are just because We tend to judge ourselves against another standard. This standard is often a comparison between what we ‘know’ about ourselves and what we ‘believe’ about the other. We end up seeing ‘the yuck’ of our own lives, but fail to see it in the other.

Other caused are the need of being perfect to become Good Enough” for the job, as We’ve imagined (I’ve been there). But, the thing is, We are not perfect. I am not perfect. Bill Gates is not perfect. Stephen King is not perfect. Your favorite authors are not perfect. Perfection is an idea, but not reality.

Just throw-up those mind-set and you’ll see your talent & what makes you an unique candidate for the job.

Please note that perfection is boring. No one wants to read about a perfect character, with a perfect life, and perfect job, and perfect family. The same goes for real life, right? 🙂

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