Figuring Things Out – The Real Life..

Right Place, Right Time

Life after graduate from college? I wish I could tell you..!!

My life, evolves..

It never turns out to be what I exactly expected.

It’s full of surprises, full of adventure, also, lots of problem too..

Sometimes, I found a hard truth, real truth, sometimes an inevitable truth..
Yeah, that’s life. If nothing else, its life..
It’s real, and sometimes the fact, it hurts..

But it’s sort of all we have, right..??

Yeah, When I see clearly from everything in my real life for now,
I can understand,

Great moments of my life won’t necessarily be the things I do,
They’ll also be the things that just happen to me.
I’m not saying I’m not take action to affect the outcome of my life.
I’ve tried so hard in every aspect of my life, you know..
But, I always believe about something that, on any day,
I could step out the front door and my whole life can change forever.
For example,
A few months ago, when I have to attend an interview to this company where I’m working right now. Simple interview, and out of nowhere, I got my dream job..

You see,
The universe has a plan..And that plan is always in motion.
A butterfly flaps its wings…and it starts to rain.
It’s a scary thought.
But it’s also kind of wonderful.
All these little parts of the machine constantly working,
making sure that I end up exactly where I’m supposed to be,
exactly when I’m supposed to be there.
The right place…at the right time. And, Here I am…

So, there you have it..
There’s a lot of little reasons why the big things in our lives happen.
If I had known then where all those little things were leading me,
and how grateful I’d be to get there..
Because somehow, I ended up in the right place at the right time.
Especially when you consider how easy it end up there..
And, as a result, my life would never be the same..

Yeah, I’m just excited to see things that are waiting for me in the future, you know.. 🙂

What an Amazing Weekend..

Here I Am

Well, after got holiday for a few days, weekend to home sweet home, where I can just relaxed and enjoyed the moment, far away from job & work complex, and forgetting all problems for a while, then, I feel so “new”..
Yeah, I really needed this actually…

I’ve met my family, seen my old room, and guess what, all stupid picture still on the wall, 🙂 played football in my hometown, Laugh on stupid memories from the childhood with my old friends..
What a great time..

When I was going back to Dumai for work again,
I was followed with song from Bryan Adams – Here I am…
It’s really fit as my life soundtrack for now.. 🙂

Here I am..This is me,
I come to this world so wild and free…
Here I am, so young & strong,

Right here in the place where I belong..

It’s a new world,
It’s a new start,

It’s alive with the beating of young hearts,

It’s a new day,
It’s a new plan,
And the future is waiting for me,
Here I am…

I felt fresh, and ready to continue my journey..
Self Development & Continuous Learning, The chapter has continued..
So young, and So hungry..
So hungry for knowledge, Life experience, & Meaningful contributions…
Time to accept responsibility for the future with less complaining…
Here I am…

Mom & Dad, I’m Coming Home..


Finally, I got holiday time for couple of days…
And, I’m coming home, tonight…

God..It’s been more than a year that I haven’t seen my home.
Yeah, Home..The only place in this planet that I can consider as heaven.
A place where I’ve been raised with warm love of wonderful family..
A place where I was born and grew-up, studied and played, cried and laughed..
A place with thousands memories..

You know, whatever things that I’ve been through right now,
inevitable struggling of job complex, or stressful process for Self Development,
I always know one thing for sure, FAMILY COMES FIRST..
That’s why, When I have a time to come home, I go.
Even, just a little bit of time.

Before I went away to college far away from my hometown,
I’ve made promise to myself.
That, I wouldn’t let down my parent’s hope,
In academic things, character, religion, and financial.
To be a kid that have been gifted by God to my parents.
To be a kid that took part as God’s presents to my parents.
Not just a kid that is throwing his life to nothing.

Mom & Dad..Look at me, look at your son for what he has became right now..
Please, enjoy the moment and the pride, You both deserve it..
Son that you’ve raised through pain, tears, joy, and love..
When I open the door’s home, and meet them,
the first thing that I want to do is to cry on their hand,
with a heart of fully respect and so thankful..
So they both know, How much I love & Miss them,
and how much I feel grateful to have parents like them..

Mom & Dad..
Deep inside my heart, I do really hope,
You both always feel grateful to God, because God gives you a son like me..
That’s one of my basic principle for my way of life…
Love you, Mom.. Love you Dad…

Self Awareness..


For every being cursed with self-awareness,
there remains the unanswerable question:
Who am I?
How do I “connect” with others?
There are nearly seven billion people on this planet.
Each one, unique, different.

We struggle to find meaningful connections to one another.
Maybe, We are the caring friend…
or, The loving father…
The doting mother…
The protected child…

We fight and we love in the hope that somehow,
together, we can understand our significance in the universe..

But in the end, no one can share our burden.
Each of us alone must answer the question…
“Who am I?”
“What does it mean to be alive?”

And in the vast infinity of time,
“how do I matter?”

This quote is from Heroes 3rd Season Eps 24.. This quote strikes me at some points. Yeah, of course about myself, my future, and my world. By my world, it means, my faith & believe to God, my family that I’m really grateful, my friendship circle with easy judging attitude, my job that makes me struggle to understand, or, wondering the girl that I can introduce as my wife someday.. And, how do I matter for all..??

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Simple..It is What It is..

It is what it is.. Accept it

At the end of The Unforgiven, Gene Hackman laments to Clint Eastwood, “I don’t deserve this—to die like this.” Eastwood’s classic response: “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

The same can be said for the way we look,
the way we live our lives,
the way we are treated by others,
the money we’re born into/not born into,
the talents we have/don’t have…
Life is unconcerned with “deserve”..!!

Life is… what life is.

You know, I see people fighting this reality at every turn, and the results of the struggle are ugly. You don’t believe me? Just try to consider the people you know in a professional context: do you know someone…(below?)

  • Not getting the job because s/he is too proud to ask for help? (”I deserve the job that I can find by my own!”)
  • Limiting his/her career by refusing to engage in politics? (”I shouldn’t have to play games!”)
  • Walking into a crisis by refusing to mitigate foreseeable risks? (”People are supposed to follow directions, so that won’t be a problem!”)

Deserve..?? Should..?? Supposed to..??

As far as I am concerned, to be both successful and happy, the only prerequisite is to accept what is. Plans made on the basis of what should be are doomed to fail. Judgment—in the form of phrases like “deserve,” “supposed to,” “should be,” and the granddaddy of them all, “if only,”— is nothing but a heart breaker. Plans based on what is, on the other hand, work.

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Walk the Path You Choose, Not Someone Else’s

The Path

Recently, I got training about Self Development, you know, about Life path or something like that. I’ve noticed, the whole concept is the same. At least, almost same as my principle towards life.. Well, I guess, I just want to share it. I hope it’s useful, especially for me.. 🙂

Admit or not, We are a product of our environment. It is true that we are shaped by environment, our parents, teachers, and friends. The question is, can we break from this conditioning or is it permanent?

Below is a few things so we can walk the path that we choose, not just follow others..

1) Plan The Path

One of the greatest methods to walk your Path is to plan that Path. People who seem destined to walk a Path set by someone else, do so because they fail to think outside the box they have been put in. They accept the Path placed before them and never question or envision it any differently. Those who break free, see the vision of their dreams and desires, not as some fairytale, but as something that can be achieved, something to make plans toward.

Do you walk a life of no planning, or do you walk the Path you choose?
Do you see your dreams as attainable, and work toward them, or mere fantasies?

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Chasing Dreams – OJT (On the Job Training) to Dumai

Flying to chase the dream

Thank God, you gave me an exciting opportunity…
Yeah, I believe, I got this job, only because of God…
Because, as Mechanical Piping Engineer,
What do I know about piping..???Only a basic, to be honest…

I’m a fresh graduate, and need to learn a lot,
take time to adapt in my new environment, or something like that…
But, in the company that I’m working now,
they want to involve me to go to the field, directly…

My Project Manager wants me to go to the field with a few Senior Mechanical Piping Engineer..
It’s for L-Project.. LBO plant of Pertamina in Dumai..
It’s impossible to say “no”, of course…
So, I will go to Dumai, ’till end of this month (April 2009)…
Wow, it’s really really exciting…

Maybe it’ll be hard because it’s my first experienced to work in a field,
but I really felt thankful for this opportunity…
An opportunity where I could learn a lot, gained my knowledge, and sharpen my engineer’s sense…

Yeah, I know “there is a first time for everything”…
And, This is a “first time” for everything that related with my career life,
This is a “first time” that I have to leave my comfortable “zone”…
and I hope it’ll give a great impact for my self-development..
Also, I hope, It will “open” a lot of opportunity that God will offer to me in the future…

Wow, what can I say…???
It’s time to chase my dream, time to act as a grown-man,
time to live in real life, and be more responsible…

Thank God.. It’s only from You….
Just after I was really wondering where my future and so afraid,
You suddenly give me this unexpected opportunity…
You really “train” me in “a different” way from other people…


Dumai, here I come….

The Uncertainty of Tomorrow


For all I know, people live much of their lives in uncertainty..
What might happen in a week…a month…a year…
and, so do I…

Since I was a kid, I know life or the future is a puzzle..
Every piece fits together to create who we are, what we do, & how we feel..
Every experience shapes us into who we will eventually become..
That’s why I never judge on people, I think people are complex..
They’re not good or bad just like black or white..
Yeah, I think labels are destructive..

Because, all people have their own fate..
And, as far as I believe,
everything always happens for a reason..
Nothing happens by chance or by means of good or bad luck..

And what happen to me today..??
I am facing fear of moment like I never have before..
A critical moment on my life journey,
when I find myself in an emotional crisis,
that seems to defy every positive thing I’ve embraced..
You could say that it’s fear’s last stand..
It wants to control the situation to “make it turn out right.”
In fact, it’s trying to survive, to be honest..
And the worst part, I feel that I’m facing this utterly alone…

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10 Habit That I Hate About People

Annoying Habits..
Yeah…I hate a few annoying habit from some people..
This is my list..

1. People who point at their wrist asking for the time…
I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours?
Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

2. About a habit to search a TV remote..
People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room
for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV
and change the channel manually.

3. Habit when eating cake..
When people say, “Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too”.
Damn Right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

4. Habit when to find something..
When people say “It’s always the last place you look”.
Of course it is!! Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it?
Do people do this? Who and where are they?

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The Puzzle of Opportunity


Yeah, I know, if we think back to all events of our life,
Everybody surely ever thought (at some point of their life),
That perhaps,
too often we tend to associate the thought of wasted opportunities
with the big decisions we make in life.

Such as:
I should have taken that job,
I should have told that woman how I felt about her,
I should have followed my heart,
instead of yielding to my sense of pragmatism,
and pursued my dream to whatever.
Who knows what would have happened,
I might just be a happier person today.

Yeah, that kind of things…

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