Cool Trick to Set Video as Wallpaper on XP

Video xp-wallpaper

Want to set video as wallpaper?
Yeah, maybe everyone will mention DreamScene..

DreamScene also called Motion Desktop is a awesome feature
that play High Definition Video or a Movie clip as a desktop background..
But, the sad part is this feature comes as freebie for only Windows Vista Ultimate Users and most of the upgrades to ultimate is for this very feature….

So did you know there is a cool trick which does not cost you a dime
yet you can enjoy the feature on all non ultimate windows OS even for Windows XP?

To set a video wall paper on your non-ultimate vista machines follow below steps

1. Install VLC Player
You know this application, right..???
If not, maybe you can go here…

2. Start VLC player and go to
–>settings–>prefrences and click on the interface–>clickMain Interface select “wxWidgets” as shown in below PIC and mark and unmark the check boxes as shown in below PIC


3. Next Click on the Video,
–> Select Output Modules–>DirectX and make sure to select Advanced options in bottom right corner of the PIC else you cannot see the hidden options


Now, select or tick the “Enable wallpaper Mode” check box and make sure to check all the check boxes as show in below picture..

4. Now go to playlist select,
repeat current item as shown in below PIC now save and exit..

Now all the movies or video clips played from VLC player will look as if it is played from the DreamScene,
and whats more VLC player can play almost any video format in the world so no need to worry about codecs as Dreamscene does not support some of many codecs and video formats..

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14 Responses to Cool Trick to Set Video as Wallpaper on XP

  1. wail2010 says:

    nice trick thanks

  2. Petite Tops says:

    of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny *.-

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