Cultivating A Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind does not mean to be in a place,
Where there is no noise, trouble or hard work…
It means, to be in the midst of those things,
and still be calm in your heart..

It’s been a while I haven’t written. It’s not that I lose interest for writing, but since last month, it’s been quite exciting busy time. Stability routines at the office are mixed with some interesting events (work-related events, City events, and Indonesian community events) and completing the closed-out of engineering projects. And the thing is, I feel like life just “come together”. It’s the feeling that I’m happy with who I am and what I do, and being able to go to sleep feeling fulfilled.

And the thing that I’ve notice about myself for now, I’m finally on the phase on my life where I’m able to just feel a peaceful mind, a feeling rest, and free of worried, so to speak. Although I just realized that, writing during “hard times” are much more “flowing” rather than “peace” time, but yes, I’m enjoying these moments of inner calmness, and freedom from lot of obsessing thoughts.

This is really the way of my life that It should be… Just peaceful, calm, relaxing, simple, uncomplicated, stable, and faraway from worries. 🙂

Having Boundaries

To be honest, being far away from my home country, actually give me an easier time. I can have a lot of alone time, which makes me rethink often, everything that is important to me. I start to really think about myself and paying less attention to what those around me are saying. This doesn’t mean I’m being selfish, it just gets me focused on what I want in life.

Because the main different thing that I can notice is that, It’s honestly good to have clear boundaries between professional life & personal life outside of work, because there is clear boundaries between co-workers and friends. I think, it help me a lot to feel more peace, since what happenend in the office just stay in the office completely. Why we should discuss a stressful project outside of office anyway.

Limiting Media Information

Another thing that I’ve done is trying to limit media information. We all agree that in today of internet era & social media where informations are “everywhere”. Not only social networking, I also used to have “news feed” from several news website. And, sometime, I felt overwhelmed because of it.

Believe it or not, consuming more information often means introducing more noise into our mind. That’s why limiting information intake is essential to have a calm and peaceful mind. The rule of thumb in consuming information is this: consume information no more than what is necessary.

But how do I know what is necessary? Rational thinking help me figure it out. I admit that media has an effect to my life, especially subconscious mood. Because, everything we’ve ever done, see or hear are stored in our subconscious mind, aren’t it? At the very least, our subconscious absorbs information without consciously approving so, and then uses this information to direct our thinking & concern. How can we focus on our own life then?

Alternatively, I choose to limit media intake (including Facebook & twitter) and consciously decide what information I’ll feed to my subconscious mind. I also asked myself, why do I have to know those detailed activities from those people that hardly interact with me? I don’t need to know about their dinner, or the party they attended, or their insecurity, or their baby picture, or car that they drive, even what’s on their mind. It’s like, I simply “unplug”. So, I stop reading those “junk”, and life really does get better, because I can simply focus. Because, the thing is, I do not have to know everything.

The Effect of Focus is Clarity

You see, back before I’m having a career overseas, the natural tendency of my mind was used to be quite restless. The act of thinking, it’s like a continuous activity. The restless mind jumps from thought to another, allowing thoughts to come and go incessantly, giving me feel un-rest. The problem is, most of these thoughts are not exactly invited, they just come, occupy my attention, and then, the worry just slip to set in and I stressed about it for days.

But, since last month, things have changed a lot. Being in a career with good boundaries environment, limiting media & social networking information, and make significant progress on training myself to let go of the uncotrollable which bring less & less worried, and the impact is that a tendency of “restless” mind are decrease significantly for me now. I have more clarity & more daily peace. And, the final closure I need is with myself.

Like I said before, this is really the way of my life that I always dream of… Just peaceful, calm, relaxing, uncomplicated, no drama, have boundaries, and free of worries.

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