Figuring Things Out – The Real Life..

Right Place, Right Time

Life after graduate from college? I wish I could tell you..!!

My life, evolves..

It never turns out to be what I exactly expected.

It’s full of surprises, full of adventure, also, lots of problem too..

Sometimes, I found a hard truth, real truth, sometimes an inevitable truth..
Yeah, that’s life. If nothing else, its life..
It’s real, and sometimes the fact, it hurts..

But it’s sort of all we have, right..??

Yeah, When I see clearly from everything in my real life for now,
I can understand,

Great moments of my life won’t necessarily be the things I do,
They’ll also be the things that just happen to me.
I’m not saying I’m not take action to affect the outcome of my life.
I’ve tried so hard in every aspect of my life, you know..
But, I always believe about something that, on any day,
I could step out the front door and my whole life can change forever.
For example,
A few months ago, when I have to attend an interview to this company where I’m working right now. Simple interview, and out of nowhere, I got my dream job..

You see,
The universe has a plan..And that plan is always in motion.
A butterfly flaps its wings…and it starts to rain.
It’s a scary thought.
But it’s also kind of wonderful.
All these little parts of the machine constantly working,
making sure that I end up exactly where I’m supposed to be,
exactly when I’m supposed to be there.
The right place…at the right time. And, Here I am…

So, there you have it..
There’s a lot of little reasons why the big things in our lives happen.
If I had known then where all those little things were leading me,
and how grateful I’d be to get there..
Because somehow, I ended up in the right place at the right time.
Especially when you consider how easy it end up there..
And, as a result, my life would never be the same..

Yeah, I’m just excited to see things that are waiting for me in the future, you know.. 🙂

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  1. welly sylvia says:

    misi…caliak2 stek,,

    kamek,,saran ini!!
    kamek jarang buek source gambar di blog..
    (lah bantuak bimbingan TA se..)hahaha

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