Good Things I’ve Learned About Criticism

You know, from what I can understand, Criticism means a judgment stating that something isn’t as good as it could be, and may haunt us and leave us feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and then we launch counterattack..

I don’t believe anyone is completely immune to being hurt by criticism, unless they’re void of emotion, but it does get easier over time. And, Honestly, I’d rather hear what I’m doing wrong than what I’m doing right. I can’t correct anything unless I know what I may be doing wrong, especially at this young age..

So, I would like to tell you some good things I’ve learned about criticism..

  • Brings Me Back “Down to Earth”
    Too much praise will stilt your personal growth and fuel your ego until you feel like whatever you say or do is irreproachable. Loving criticism (and not simply blocking it out completely) keeps me level-headed and be more human. I am not perfect. I will make mistakes and at times I deserve criticism. And, I’m really be grateful that people are willing to take their time to disagree with me..

    Prepares Me More
    Life is a series of criticism. Wait. No. That doesn’t sound like me. Life kicks butt, but I do have to accept, that no matter what I do, I’ll be wrong according to someone else, and that means I’ll be criticised. And if I’m not criticised, then I’m not trying hard enough to be amazing. Each critique I face is a stepping stone towards a thicker skin.

    Reconsider to Change
    What I’ve noticed, Most criticism will be from trolls – people simply trying to make me feel bad, maybe. But, there is an occasion, I will be met with logical arguments and genuine discussion. I can identify these moments because I’ll feel defensive. That defensiveness, actually, is a sign that there is a lack of congruence in what I was holding. Then, it makes me think, that something’s not right and I need to reconsider for a change about what I’m doing, saying or thinking..

    I’m Fighting The Fear
    Sometimes, when people criticized me, self-doubt creeps into my thought, then I become fearful about the career path I’ve taken. Well, Criticism is a double-edged sword during this time. On one hand it amplifies my self-doubt, makes me feel like a fraud and idiot, but on the other hand, I love the criticism because it reminds me that in the fact I have the guts to follow my dreams. Maybe, doing anything that others are too afraid to do, will draw criticism towards me. But, actually, It’s their own insecurities & crushed dreams boiling to the surface that they “put” to me..

    I’m Willing to Ruffle Feathers
    Agreeability is overrated and irrelevant. Ruffling feathers initiates change. It gets people thinking and snaps people out of self-absorption and unhealthy amounts of positivity (I love positivity, but it can cloud reality at times). Look at biography of Thomas Edison, Einstein, they’re always different..
    Ruffling feathers isn’t about being nasty towards others or to cause controversy for the sake of it. It’s saying what I feel needs to be said. Saying what’s accepted isn’t worth saying. Why would it be? It’s already been said..

    I’m Achieving
    The more you achieve the more you are criticized. It’s silly and petty but it’s how naysayers get by – instead of trying to do something with their life they aim to bring others down to their level – a sort of sick and backwards approach to achievement. Love criticism because it means you’re going the extra mile.

    Beneficial Discomfort
    Criticism is a cage and the only key is to love it. Dreading criticism, worrying about what people will think of us, will only lead us to being trapped by the ideals of others, on a sort of purgatorial fence of  indifference. But of cause it’s easy to talk about not caring – putting it into practice is much more difficult. My point is, Realise that even the worse criticism will only cause lasting pain if I let it. In 1 year, 6 months, heck, even 2 days…will the criticism matter? No. I’m still alive. They were just words. Hurtful words, yes, but I survived them. We live in an age of comfort, but with that comes the inability to deal with discomfort. Love criticism in that it lets me experience the discomfort of negative opinions, so I can truly appreciate the times of comfort and praise..

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