Grown-Up: Train that Never Stop

What’s my age again? I’m 23 years old.. And somehow I think, so much of my life is wasted because I hate the idea of now and I love the idea of tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes and I still haven’t accomplished anything, I feel regret, depression, and ever so unfulfilled. Until, I realize about something that there is no turning back.

I mean, there comes a point in our life when We realize there is no turning back, right..?? We have all had that moment. The interesting thing is that some people are more equipped for this moment than others. Some people shut down and start to compensate in negative ways. Others embrace it and look forward to the future. Some people do both.

But, I guess, that’s why it’s called : Grow-Up.. And, this moment is pivotal because it is the start of my adulthood. As far as I’m concerned, how I deal with this moment has a lot to do with whether I ever really grow up at all – and, trust me, a lot of people at my age don’t..

I am not professing to have all the answers. Because honestly, I still struggle all the time to be used to with the idea for being like today, you know. Such as:

  • Financially independent – “make” money by my own
  • Emotionally independent
  • I’ve started on my career path & I don’t know where it end-up
  • I deserve something, but does not mean I will exactly get it
  • Figure out everything by myself
  • Admitted GENTLY when I failed, it means simply I wasn’t qualified enough
  • Make decisions, and it has to be really, really, really right

So, a few days ago, someone that I really respect told me, “Well, you have to grow up now“.. Honestly, those words have hit me so hard. No one starts at the finish line. And, the now is a foundation for it. Everyone has done something worthy, struggle, fail, and achieve,  and so do I. In simple sentence, “THINGS CHANGE”..

Yeah, “Things change, and It won’t stop”. Those words are the quintessence of growing up. These words summarize everything. Things change and when I fail to grasp that truth, I’ll suffer. Nothing lasts and nothing stays the same. My “kids day” is gone, my college day has long disappear, and all I have is NOW and, I hope, the future. Cause now I see, I’ll never stop this train..

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3 Responses to Grown-Up: Train that Never Stop

  1. Imaniza says:

    Da Met, please explain to me:
    what does “grown up” mean? not literally of course..

    • armetra says:

      It could be Financial independent, or Emotional independent, or being responsible, etc..But, I don’t think I can tell U exactly in a way that will “make sense” to U, but, after once U get there, U will just know when all of a sudden, you are already there…

      And, how U know that you’re already there..?? U’ll notice that, when U see it around you, or the way U think about it differently when U was teenager or younger.. (maybe your friend that same age with U, but still not grown-up, or look at someone that younger than U and U said : I’ve been there).. Such as, habit, what you or your friends concern most, etc..

      Or maybe, when U realise that when U’re about to do “things”, then U said for yourself, “I’m too old for this stuff”.. 🙂 That kind of think, I guess.. Or, maybe, and surely U can’t be called grown-up if your parents still paid for your dating cost in relationship things…

      Again, I don’t think I can tell U EXACTLY in a way that will “make sense” to U.. Because, people have their own “path”, or concern about..There are a lot point of view..It could be love, or career, or attitude, or habit, etc, right..?? 🙂

  2. Imaniza says:

    thank you da met 🙂

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