I’m Working Overseas in Middle East

It’s like sometimes not knowing,
how crazy you doing something, is a good thing..
You’re just goofing around..
Until someone noticed it, shows up, and says, “Wow”..
And the rest of my life story, is unfolded little by little..

You know, to be honest, somehow I’m still thinking, all of these are “too good to be true”. Yes, surely there are times when I imagined this one before, but it’s just some fantasy or fairy tale that I actually never thouht to became reality. You can see those my previous posts are quite reflecting it.

I still remember, the first time when I want to actually make this happen, and being focus to achieve it. It was 3 months ago, during my Field Break time, I was alone at my room, and I was watching How I Met Your Mother with “Unfinished” episode. It made me look real hard about my lifelong dream and relate with what I’ve achieved on my life so far..

And, at the end of movie, Ted said that,
I know that successful person don’t just live in life. They change it, they shape it, they make their mark upon it, and mark it with amazing result. They never gave up on their dream..

But, you see, that’s not usually how it goes. I mean, usually, it isn’t a speeding bus. Most of the time, it’s just too difficult or too expensive, or too scary. It’s only once you’ve stopped, that you realize how hard it is to start again. So you force yourself not to want it. But it’s always there. And until you achieve it, it will always be…unfinished..

The Employment & Recruitment

Then, I was trying to focus on Linkedin Website, where it looks a good network on professional life. I’ve put some comments to ask recruiter to view my profile on the job that they posted. After consistently doing that, then, out of nowhere, I got a quite shock e-mail. That said, they interested on me after they view my Linkedin profile, so they wanted me to send them my CV.

And then, phone interview coming up, and also video conference call interview on Skype. Of course, there were a time when I didn’t feel quite prepared or slightly nervous, especially during a detailed technical interview. But, I could see that they understood when I actually nervous, you know. I appreciated it a lot. Then, it followed with almost one month for negotiating for salary package.

Documents & Administration

After we agreed, the company said, “Just took your time to provide documents, and we will take care everything ater that”. Indeed, the hard part was coming to provide documents to obtain Working Permit & Residence Visa. The company will take care for it, but I have to provide document that required to obtain it.

At the time, I haven’t got my passport yet. I didn’t have my bachelor degree that attested by UAE Embassy neither. I even didn’t proposed my resignation on my previous employer. That was a part of my life, where I desperately need some help.


However, that’s the funny thing in life, you know. If you really want it, you’ll just find a way. I understand that, when you really want it something, no matter how big the obstacle is, you’ll just manage to get through of it. Besides that, we’re living in an era where any information is quite easy to find, I mean, it’s an internet era today.

So yes, I googled everything about the city, the required document, step by step process, emailed anyone, active in some forum, consistently contacted company’s staff in UAE. And then, by God’s permission, I can make it, just in time…

And here I am, finally & officially becoming an Expatriate Professional Engineer, where my responsibility in a Pipeline Engineering discipline, to develop Front End Engineering Design (FEED). The line business company is an Engineering Project Management Consultant (EPMC) at the Oil & Gas industry. It is at Al Ghaith Tower, in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. You can see some view for Abu Dhabi city in here.

From the first time I arrived on this city until today, still I’m speechless with this city. It is beautiful city, very nice environment, clean, neat, orderly, free from traffic jam, amazing transportation facility, etc. Then I really understand why a lot of an expatriate living for a long time here.

These, all of these, are just because of Allah SWT. Mom & Dad, this success is dedicated to you both. I hope, you both proud to see who your son have became into…

Fabi ayyi aala irabbikuma tukadzdziban..

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4 Responses to I’m Working Overseas in Middle East

  1. Mackintosh says:

    Pagi kak.. kerennn udah go internasional 😀

    Oya kak, boleh minta email ga? Pgn ngobrol2 seputar piping.. kebetulan kita masih 1 almamater, himpunan jg sebelahan..Hehe

    Salam kenal ^^

    • armetra says:

      Yaaap, pagiii.. Salam kenal balik yak..
      Wah,jd gak enak dipuji gitu,biasa aja,namanya juga rejeki dari Yang Di Atas,hehehe..

      Panggilannya siapakah?
      Klo himpunan sebelah, PN yak? CMIIW..

      Mo ngebahas Piping ato Pipeline? Agak beda ituh..
      Yaaa, klo ngobrol2 ato diskusi, okeee, ayuk aja..
      Tapi, klo minta diajarin, jangan dulu yak.. Karena awak juga masih cupu, masih perlu banyak belajar kok, hehehehe..

      Email awak : armetra_kamex@yahoo.com
      YM-nya juga sama kok..
      Please, jangan di spam yak..akakakaka

      Oke.. Makasih banyak udah sempat jalan-jalan ke blog awak yak.. 🙂

  2. Congratulation!!!
    HAhaha nda baru baco daMet 😀

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