It’s just sometimes…

Sometimes, we’re tending to judge other’s choice,
without seeing their view or their condition for possible reason…

Sometimes, we’re often thinking only others that is wrong,
just based on our personal preference..
And forgot, perhaps, they have more wisdom than us..

Sometimes, when we make a mistake, we said that is “sorry”,
And not noticed, if others make a mistake, we said they’re fool..

Sometimes, we remember people just based on a single mistake,
And forgot them based on their many good things..

Sometimes, We’re proud to watch “the movie” of our wonderful achievement,
and forgot that the only people that watched is just ourself..

Then, I realized that I can find the good in everybody,
if I just give them a chance, the benefit of the doubt..

Because, Sometimes people dissapoint you, Sometimes they surprise you…
But, you never really get to know them until you listen for what’s in their hearts..

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3 Responses to It’s just sometimes…

  1. Ucy says:

    akhirny punyo blog j kawan ucy..
    sagan c kami
    bantuak lai..
    tuka lah foto t samo foto yg ad kharismanyo

  2. assalamualaikum d’met..
    mokasi alah di comment.. 🙂
    nda buek blog tu bia ndak terlalu formal $ kaku se d’met…

  3. armetra says:

    Ya lah..Lah masony nge-blog…Asik kalleee nge-blog..ha3..

    Yup2..Samo2 mokasihnyo…
    Dmet msh nyari2 blog anak2 SMA wak ah..
    Yo, yang angkatanny dakek2 samo Dmet lah..
    Antaro 2003-2007 lah..Tp, jarang yo,Nda..???
    Ntar klo tau, bagi2 link yo…wuehehehehe…

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