Lame Things About Facebook


First of all, don’t get me wrong here..
I like facebook, at least, than Friendster, of course..
But still, I noticed there are few things that I found so lame on facebook..
In the application, ads, and slightly about the people..

Yeah, you know,
Facebook it seems, is unique in its ability to make everyone hate it with a passion, and yet it still manages to tempt most people into logging in multiple times a day..

But, for some reason,
I think Facebook is just for people who need confirmation
that someone is listening to them. I mean, It’s a place for “show-off”

Yup, I’m writing this article just for fun…So, again, no offense..!!! (ha3..)
This is my list:

1. Pillow Fight Request

If I got invitation from a girl, then it’s an acceptable…
But, if it’s from a boy, Wow, really, dude..???a pillow fight..???
I’m not gay you idiot..!!

2. Abusing “Status updates”

What a lame thing about status update??
There are some people, put so many sway status update, and, even make an update in every hour…!!! And, the worst part, the status (sometimes) can be so gross..eww..
Such as:
“…is fed up of certain people taking him for granted and is waiting for an apology”,
“….is wondering who really cares what she is doing right now..”

Seriously..??? Oh, My God…
We don’t, and we don’t care that you’re wondering why we care,
because we don’t (Oh, my head hurts read those status!!)…

I think, some people need to think before they type.
But even when you take the weird ones out of the equation,
if you check the main Facebook status page, you realize it’s like one of those folders found on hotel room dressing-tables – full of astoundingly dull information..
What a lame…!!!

3.Who do you think you are?

Yup, “random friend request”…
There are variables of course:
Like that girl you didn’t like the look of at school and subsequently never even spoke to – she adds you because she recognised your name 15 years later and forgot that you once considered each other to be mortal enemies..

Or worse –
you get added by someone whose name and face you recognize but can’t quite place – and you accept the invite because you can’t risk offending them…
It’s intolerable cruelty.

And, to be more embarrassing,
After they added you, they posted something stupid on your wall,
Like this : “Hello, thanks for add…”

4. Gifts

Wow, “great”..It’s an ice cream..
What am I supposed to do with it…???Do I have to eat it..??

5. Top friends “drama”

You know this application right..??? It’s stupid.. It’s awkward..

6. Events or Group Invites

It’s like, they keep sending them, they don’t stop,
Even I’m not required it, but they still keep sending them..???
And, sometimes, It’s called groups, but actually they didn’t do anything..!!!

7. Messy profile pages

It’s a damning indictment on the Facebook applications,
that most people’s profiles now uncannily resemble something
that might hit a window after a particularly violent sneeze.
I’ve got otherwise-ordinary people in my friends list, who for some unknown reason choose to litter their profiles with over 20 applications..
Why do people do it?

8. Stupid photo galleries

I think the photo galleries on Facebook are great.
Being able to tag your mates in the photos from ‘last night’ is cool.
However, sometimes people can be a little stupid.
Sometimes a person will take a folder of all the photos they took –
and upload every single one of them. Including all the blurry ones.

Not to mention disgusting photo, and then tag everyone..!!!
And, of course, duplicate pictures..Why do people do it..???Lame..

9. Creepy Ads

You can see a lot of creepy ads on right side of your page..
Such as love & dating network…
It’s said, “Do you want to meet hot date for holiday..??”
What the hell..?? Are people so that desperate..??

10. “People you may know” column?

Actually, It’ll be good if the tools change to “People You May NOT Know”…!!! Because, It’s a fact, I really have no idea who they are.. But, it’s just annoying to see them always right on that window..

11. Zombie Vampire Monster App

Receiving multiple “become a zombie vampire pirate monster today!”
requests per hour, is possibly the most frustrating thing
in the history of the internet (apart from Internet Explorer 6).

12. Relationship “gossip” Status

It’s a personal matter, and after we change status,
do everyone have to get notified..??

When couples break up, it’s awkward for people that know both parties..
And, It’s really annoying how people can comment on everything..

Besides, it can be “drama” sometimes, which I hate it, It’s awkward.
Such as, he has a girl, but she put different status.
The possibility for this are :
She forgot she have you..?? or, She just forgot her status..??
and, then, they broke-up..Broke-up just because Facebook..??
(So LAME…)

It’s become more lame because, some people even desperate just to put status as “in Relationship”, just to get stupid comment from “stranger”..!!
Oh, My God..

But, we all still log in several times a week though, of course.
And, mainly because feeling like you need to check Facebook is a nostalgic yearning which is in itself more enjoyable than the thing being yearned for.

I admit facebook is a good tool for keeping in touch..
But when you NEED to keep in touch, if you’re living on different CONTINENTS maybe..That’s the different..

What about you..?? Do you have lame thing on facebook..??

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2 Responses to Lame Things About Facebook

  1. welly sylvia says:

    nih eikh kasih komen di blog yey…pertama ini..
    hal pertama yg saya lakukan setelah melihat postingan yg ini adalah membuka software kamus yang ada di komputer dan mengartikan kata “LAME”..hahahaha..kata2 yg asing bagi saya yg cupu berbahasa inggris ini..

    dan,,krn saya menganut paham liberal..bebas2 sajalah klo kamek berkomentar spt itu ttg hal2 tak penting spt fesbuk,,hehehe…

    dan yg menjadi pertanyaan,,bagaimana klo suatu saat nanti si kamek melakukan hal2 yg dikatakannya “lame” ttg fesbuk?..apakah kamek akan mengalami masa2 tamakan kecek?..

    huh..we’ll see….hahahaha..

    -wak sempat2 kan ngisi komen di sela2 TA-

    • armetra says:

      He3..Sdg TA masih sempat jo magiah komen ah…
      Mokasih banyak2 lah….

      Tanang, maso “tamakan kecek”, kek-nyo ndak doh lah,
      Soalny, wak dak nubi di Facebook leh..he3

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