Learn to Let Go The Uncontrollable

Surely there is a time when you realize that,
it is a time to let some things go..
It’s the moment you realize that all that anger,
and worry just isn’t useful..
And you start to let go of it,
and just enjoying your life…
But, it just takes a while..

Life is constantly changing. But, there comes a point in life when I just get tired of trying to fix everything. I think it’s not giving up. It’s just realizing that I don’t need certain things or certain people and “the drama” they used to bring.

I think, sometimes, what happened in our life, can be so unpredictable, out of our control, and so stressful. But, as you grow older, there are things that you just have to let go, without any complain, and without looking it back. And yes, those things are usually the uncontrollable and the unchangeable, that will remove all the burden that we used to have.

Letting go of the uncontrollable and unchangeable in life is to admit the obvious truth, that I’m not responsible to affect a change or correct a problem which is beyond my competency, power, authority or responsibility.

It is releasing over-responsibility, giving permission to myself to be free from an over-responsible sense of obligation, duty or requirement to make everything “perfect” in my life and the life of others. Somehow, It’s getting rational about what I can and cannot do, becoming realistic about what is and what is not.

And, It’s a Choice..

It’s a choice. It’s that simple. There is no complex answer to most problems. It’s all as simple as it can be. As the saying goes, we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us, and finding the balance.

Because it should be simple, I just forgot so along the way. What matter is not the situation, not what happened to me in the past, nor what could potentially happen to me in the future, neither. When I release those, then, no longer I am controlled by what happened before, or waiting for something to happen in the future.

I know, for these few years, I’m so caught up in the pursuit of success, that I’m actually living as a failure. I’m failing myself, because of my obsession. It was just one of those things. You know, where you try really hard to make something work, but somehow it just doesn’t. And maybe I should have known it all along.

Clarity comes, I think, in being able to recognize the perils of both nostalgia and negation. It’s simply about appreciating the past without trying to relive it, learning from the past without running away from it, planning about the future without stressing it, and experiences this moment, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes stressful, never perfect, always a one of a kind..

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  1. And what is present consistently over a span of several generations, comes across as ancient and unchangeable to the observer†s consciousness.

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