Mom & Dad, I’m Coming Home..


Finally, I got holiday time for couple of days…
And, I’m coming home, tonight…

God..It’s been more than a year that I haven’t seen my home.
Yeah, Home..The only place in this planet that I can consider as heaven.
A place where I’ve been raised with warm love of wonderful family..
A place where I was born and grew-up, studied and played, cried and laughed..
A place with thousands memories..

You know, whatever things that I’ve been through right now,
inevitable struggling of job complex, or stressful process for Self Development,
I always know one thing for sure, FAMILY COMES FIRST..
That’s why, When I have a time to come home, I go.
Even, just a little bit of time.

Before I went away to college far away from my hometown,
I’ve made promise to myself.
That, I wouldn’t let down my parent’s hope,
In academic things, character, religion, and financial.
To be a kid that have been gifted by God to my parents.
To be a kid that took part as God’s presents to my parents.
Not just a kid that is throwing his life to nothing.

Mom & Dad..Look at me, look at your son for what he has became right now..
Please, enjoy the moment and the pride, You both deserve it..
Son that you’ve raised through pain, tears, joy, and love..
When I open the door’s home, and meet them,
the first thing that I want to do is to cry on their hand,
with a heart of fully respect and so thankful..
So they both know, How much I love & Miss them,
and how much I feel grateful to have parents like them..

Mom & Dad..
Deep inside my heart, I do really hope,
You both always feel grateful to God, because God gives you a son like me..
That’s one of my basic principle for my way of life…
Love you, Mom.. Love you Dad…

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4 Responses to Mom & Dad, I’m Coming Home..

  1. ti2n says:

    so pasti Ama n Apa met bangga t mah ^_^

  2. justwinda says:

    i do really miss my mom and dad too… ^^

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