My Role as Piping / Pipeline Engineer in Oil & Gas Industry

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My father said to me once: “Life is a journey.
And the road we travel has twists and turns,
Which sometimes lead us to unexpected places, and unexpected people.”

Yeah, I really understand that. Lots of unexpected things happen to me. A few years ago, I was just no one, just a kid from small town.

But now, you see, after I’ve graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), God gives to me my dream job as Piping / Pipeline Engineer in EPC Oil & Gas multinational company. As Piping / Pipeline Engineer, currently, I am being assigned to the field, involving on Project at LBO Plant of Pertamina RU II in Dumai, Indonesia.

The picture is an example of my photo when I’m standing in front of Piping System at project location where I have to sketch the modification based on Code ASME B31.3 and Client (Pertamina-SK) requirements.

Piping Systems

Well, what can I tell you about Piping / Pipeline Engineer’s life? Before answer that question, I would like tell you about Piping System first. The piping systems are an essential and integral part of our modern civilization just as arteries and veins are essential to the human body. In Oil & Gas industry, Piping System is carrying crude oil from oil wells to tank farms for storage or to refineries for processing. You can see the picture below to get the idea about Piping Systems application.

Piping Application Oil & Gas

The design, construction, operation, and maintenance of various piping systems involve understanding of piping & pipeline fundamentals, materials, generic and specific design considerations, fabrication and installation, examinations, and testing and inspection requirements, in addition to the local, state and federal regulations.

Main Aspects for Piping System Design, as followed:


  • PFD – P&ID
  • Routing
  • Design Loads
  • Fuid Flow Analysis
  • Wall Thickness Calculation
  • Stress Analysis
  • Flexibility & Exp Analysis
  • Support Systems
  • Material & Coating System
  • Fitting  & Accessories



Piping / Pipeline Engineer – My Journey

I don’t want to talk based on technical point of view, I prefer to tell you from the point of view of my activities or the work/life balance. The role as Piping / Pipeline Engineer comprises a mix of site and office based work encompassing design, troubleshooting and project management activities. There is a time when I have to be on the field in Dumai to check an actual condition. And there is a time that I have to work at Head Office in Jakarta. It’s really challenging and not boring, because I see different world every month. I mean, I can see a new world, new things and new people out there. Yeah, that’s the best part.

The bad part? Of course the load of job. And, sometimes,  I’m struggling to understand quickly, because I don’t have lot of experience. I just understand the basic, to be honest. Now, I really hope that I can learn more, more, and more about Piping & Pipeline Engineering. Yup, continue to Self Development and Continuous Learning..

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9 Responses to My Role as Piping / Pipeline Engineer in Oil & Gas Industry


    plz describe the role of piping engineer in establise oil refinery.

  2. Deepu says:



    • armetra says:

      Okay, thanks Deepu.. The thing is, I’m also still have a lot to learn..But, I’ll try to write about that on new post, as soon as possible..

      Thanks for walking here.. 🙂

  3. Sudip Debnath says:

    I want to be a good piping engineer as like as you. But i am not getting the right platform to approach it may be for my bad luck or unknown fault of mine.
    What i have to do to be like you.
    If you read my comments then i shall be highly obliged to you (
    Thank You.

  4. Debasis Sahu says:

    I want to be a piping engineer.would you like to help me to achieve my goal?I have experience in piping modeling by SP3D AND PDS SOFTWARE.

  5. armetra says:

    @Sudip Debnath & @Debasis Suhu : Well, basically, you need to understand all the basics of piping, such as fittings, routing, support scheme, P&ID, etc as I post it here. And surely, keep trying to make applications to some company that related with piping projects.

    Well, all I can help you is to provide some knowledge regarding “to be a piping engineer”. PDS Software is really good to make you as Piping Designer. I hope you can be success, and just keep learning & keep trying..

    Good luck.. 🙂

  6. Veerama jegan b says:

    Hi sir…I’m a Piping engineer trainee…Can u plz refer me the suitable text books to get good foundation in piping….

  7. Jack joshua says:

    Pls i,m a starter in piping , i need to know my responsibilities in the oil and gas sector.

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