Oasis – Little by Little

“We sow our thoughts, and We reap our actions;
We sow our actions, and We reap our habits;
We sow our habits, and We reap our character;
We sow our character, and We reap our destiny.”

“Little by Little” was perhaps the most controversial Oasis’s song, receiving mixed reviews from those who felt it was a classic example of an upbeat Oasis anthem and those who felt it was a twee, patronising, sycophantic melody. Regardless of this, I can feel this song is pure poetry… the lyrics is amazing, indeed.

I like to listen this song, because it remind me that any goals can be achieved in life always start with small steps, making a step of progress little by little, all things that I wanted will come slowly but sure. There is no quick fix nor “instant” in life. And while this may at first seem daunting, the beautiful fact is that it is in small habits, small action, that I partake in every day consistently that will create the life I want.

We all like the idea of being able to make big, sweeping, massive changes in a short period of time. A lot of us have found that does not always end up being the way that things happen and sometimes it’s not even all that practical to expect that. Because oftentimes in life, there is a process that must play-out in sequence before things happen. We learn things, we grow, we are challenged through process, and all that, slowly but sure, little by little, the result will come eventually.

You see, the truly grand things in life will always require hard work, focus and patience. All aspects in our lives that matter most to us – our relationships, our financial security, our peace of mind, and a healthy grasp on the meaning of life, I can’t help but realize, that each require time & genuine discipline to make those things become real success.

This song “Little by Little” helps me to gain the right perspective of life, so I can have right guidelines for making decisions, and help me to be able to navigate through the storms & uncertainties that life brings. And as long as I keep smiling and moving forward, the road ahead is going to be far better than I can imagine. Sometimes, the best thing that can possibly happen to me in the long run, is not getting exactly what I want right now… But eventually, through all its twists and turns, it will come…

Enjoy the songs…

We the people fight for our existence
We don’t claim to be perfect but we’re free
We dream our dreams alone with no resistance
Fading like the stars we wish to be..

You know I didn’t mean what I just said
But my God woke up on the wrong side of his bed
And it just don’t matter now..

As little by little we gave you everything you ever dreamed of
Little by little the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off
Little by little you have to give it all in all your life
And all the time I just ask myself why you’re really here?

True perfection has to be imperfect
I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true
Day has come, now you’ll have to accept
Life inside your head we give to you..

You know I didn’t mean what I just said
But my God woke up on the wrong side of his bed
And it just don’t matter now..

Why am I really here?
Why am I really here?

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