Our Wedding Ceremony – The Second Day (May 11, 2014)

Our Wedding - Once in Lifetime

I still remember the moment when I first saw her.
I couldn’t stop staring at her.

There was something about her eyes and her smile,
that took me to a different place.
I wasn’t sure what was happening to me,
but I knew it felt exciting and scary at the same time.
It was like coming “home”, only to no home I’d ever known.

As the time passes, and we started to know each other,
it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up,
they meant we were supposed to be together,
and as stupid as it sound, I always believe it….

And so, here we are… Sit together on “pelaminan”…

So, let’s continue this story. Like I said, there are 3 main events on our wedding, the wedding vows (I wrote here), the first ceremony (I wrote here), and the last / final ceremony on the second day. The second day ceremony is like “main” day, the D-Day for all of our wedding ceremony, so to speak. This second day ceremony was held at my wife’s parent’s house.

The ceremony was actually receptions, and the sequence were actually simple. Me & my wife “basandiang” (sit together) on “pelaminan” (special decorated altar of minangkabau culture with long chair). Then, guests from family relatives, our parent’s friends, people from neighborhood, co-worker, and other invitations will come to celebrate with us, and greeted with various traditional-Minangkabau food. After guest finished eating, they will come near “pelaminan” stand to congratulate us, and of course taking photos with us to capture the moment. The ceremony will start at the morning, and it will be end at night.

Us & Our Parents

Captruring The Moment of Our Wedding Ceremony – Us & Our Parents

The Rich Culture of Minangkabau’s Wedding Ceremony

The special decoration of altar “pelaminan” shows the rich culture of minangkabau. When we sit on this “pelaminan”, it felt like we’ve been treated like “a king & a queen for one day”. It was dominated by gold color & red color that reflect for the feeling of glorious, happiness, and the sense of togetherness. It convey the message, that marriage is the window for the happiness.

Our Pelaminan - Minangkabau Wedding

Our Pelaminan Wedding – Minangkabau Culture

Not only the “pelaminan” specially decorated, our dress also specially designed, that reflect Minangkabau culture. Let me tell you, that these dresses are the dream for many Minangkabau to wear once in lifetime. Whoever that get married in Minangkabau culture, they will wear these dresses. Although the dress will vary from one place to another (in Minangkabau area), but the concept is almost same. The bride (“anak daro”) also have to wear “suntiang” on her head, and the groom (“marakpulai”) will wear “baju gadang”.

Our Wedding Minangkabau - 2nd Day

Our Wedding Dress in The Morning – Minangkabau Culture

Our Wedding Dress on the Afternoon - Minangkabau Culture

Our Wedding Dress in The Afternoon – Minangkabau Culture

The decoration during this wedding ceremony at my wife’s parents, also extend to our designated bedroom. The bedroom also decorated that reflect for the feeling of glorious & happiness also. And, as per Minangkabau culture, the bedroom for bride & groom shall be at the first room that neareast to the living room.

Our Decorated Bedroom - Minangkabau Culture

Our Decorated Bedroom During Wedding Ceremony – Minangkabau Culture

Parting Words

Well, so that’s the thing. Like I said, It felt like I just wake up in the mornings, and feel like I’ve just had the most incredible dream. I’ve just dreamt my life. And it’s hard to describe all those “once in lifetime” moment in just few words, as such, the best moment capture on the picture below, when family comes together in our happiness moment.

When Family Comes Together

Well my dear,
Now we feel no rain for each of us will be a shelter to the other.
Now we feel no cold for each of us will be warmth to the other.
Now there’s no loneliness for each of us will be a companion to the other.
We’re two bodies but there’s one life before us & one home.
When evening falls I’ll look up & there you’ll be,
I’ll take your hand, you’ll take mine and we’ll turn together.
To look at the road we travelled,
to reach this the hour of our happiness.
It stretches behind us, even as the future lies ahead.
A long and winding road whose every turning, means discovery.
Old hopes, new laughter, shared fear…
The adventure has just begun…

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