Our Wedding – The Once in a Lifetime…


And here we are…

Armetra & Poppy Weding Invitation

The “Once in a Lifetime”…

Destiny is a pretty big concept, when you think about it.
Where you are in life, how you got there,
what would have happened if one thing or another,
had been different..

We do understand that the reason for the time exist,
is so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.
Fate has a way of putting an important event in front of us…

And, if it’s up to us for reading the sign of destiny,
It was a million tiny little things that,
when we added them all up,
they meant we were, indeed, supposed to be together.

And, I knew it.
I knew it the very first time we met each other,
11 years ago…

It was like coming home,
only to no home I’d ever known…

We do realize that love doesn’t change.
Love doesn’t become untrue.
Love doesn’t fade, nor disappear…

Well, It’s funny looking back at those days,
Because, sometimes,
Life slows down just enough,
for all the pieces of puzzles,
fall right into its place…

This part of our lives,
this “once in a lifetime” part,
is called “Happiness”…

Fabiayyi âlâ’i Rabbikumâ tukadzdzi bân”…

Remember, a wise man once said,

Barney Best Quotes 2

So, we will be honored
at your presence to celebrate with us, 
on our wedding, the once in a lifetime…

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