Responsibility of Tomorrow


“We can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow
by evading it today,

Because the future is only, partly,
in our hands…”

(~Abraham Lincoln)

You see, in my opinion, when we try to divine the future, I think we’re really looking for hope. Or some peace inside, knowing everything is going to be okay, or reassurance that what we are doing is the right thing to do.

So, have you ever done this exercise: not daydreaming, but closing your eyes and really visualizing where you want your life to be in the future? What do you see?

For sure, all of us, We always want to get from here to there, because there’s something over there we really want. You do know that after this “Lebaran” / “Idul Fitri”, we have to go back to our “routine” city and leave our families, even with a very sad heart, right? Or, in another day, We’re counting minutes on deadline work, we’re watching & monitoring our bank accounts. The question here, what is it really? Why do we did that?

I think, because, all of us want to succeed in life. We want to accomplish something – to feel that in some way, we’ve “won”. Success or won by our own definition, not by others “standard”.

And the main thing that I’ve realized, the goals we set, and where we want to be in our future life, only can be achieved if that’s in line with the type of person who we are today. I mean, we  can’t accomplish every single thing we want in life, because some of the actions We’d have to take aren’t consistent with the type of person we want to be.

I look back, any of the biggest moments in my life did not come out of nowhere – they were the result of tiny moments of choice. I imagine all the little decisions I’ve made and how those seemingly insignificant choices have turned me into the person who I am today. The chances I took, the different paths I could have taken, if I had done things just a little differently, or the things I may have missed out on. I give myself some perspective, and realize that this single action I take will today will affect all of my tomorrows.

So, the main questions, are you willing to be the type of person you need to be in order to get the results you want? YES, I DO…!!! Because, I’m the one who’s responsible for my own future.

And that it isn’t just about trying hard – it’s about trying harder and pushing yourself, wanting to win so badly. Things, circumstances, and people come and go, and the only thing that remains constant is ME, witnessing it all from the present moment.

Maybe, Life is like a book, that everyday has a new page with adventures to tell, things to learn, and tales to remember. However, people are made wise not by the recollection of their past, but by the responsibility for their future…

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2 Responses to Responsibility of Tomorrow

  1. yasmin says:

    What if we see different version of ourselves every time we close our eyes?
    Seperti gue yg plinplan ini. Huhu.

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