Serial TV : Heroes (3rd Season Vol.4)

heroes TV

My Rating (for current season) : 9.0 / 10
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As far as I believe, everybody must know this Serial TV…
Just like everybody know about Superman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc..
So, I don’t want to explain much about the character, or introduction “stuff”..

Yeah, you know, this serial TV is My All-Time Favorite..
Yup, All-Time Favorite..The Number One…!!!

Heroes, the show that came out of nowhere has gained huge popularity on NBC based on a comic book-style narration… even with non-geeks. It’s better than any other action/drama TV series (past and present), and is better than any movie series (even those based on comic books) will be..

First Development

Heroes began development during pilot season in 2006, when Tim Kring, came up with the show’s concept. Kring wanted to create a “large ensemble saga” that would connect with the audience. He began thinking about how big, scary and complicated he felt the world is, and wanted to create a character-driven series about people who could do something about it.

Kring felt that a cop, medical, or Lost-type drama did not have characters that were big enough to save the world. He came up with the thought of superheroes, ordinary people who would discover extraordinary abilities, while still rooted in the real world and in reality.

Milo Ventimiglia (as Peter Petrelli) described, the pilot as a “character drama about everyday people with a heightened reality.” Kring wanted the series to have touchstones that involved the characters and the world they lived in.

Current Season

Currently, Heroes is playing for The Third season Vol.4…
It’s really an interesting season, and
just four episodes left..
At least, if it’s compared to 2nd season, which is the worst season…
Although, it’s not intriguing just like The Phenomenal First Season…

Volume Four begins with Nathan Petrelli telling the US president about the existence of individuals who possess superhuman abilities.
The president authorizes Nathan to capture heroes, and the majority of the main characters are rounded up, with the exception of Sylar, who escapes Nathan’s agents while attempting to locate his biological father.

Finally, Nathan has been exposed and he has lost control of his operation.
Government operation is taken by Danko, an HRG as his assistant.
With Emile Danko now in control of the government operation.
His plan to destroy everyone with abilities is set into motion as he teams up with an unlikely partner. Unlikely partner means, Sylar, of course..Too obvious, to be honest… 🙂

Why the current season is good

The firs time that I felt impress in this season is the mysterious character, “The Rebel”..
And, It turns out “The rebel” is Micah…!!! God, I knew it..I knew it..!!!
Also, Peter is not as powerful as any other season before..
Hiro, also lost his ability, that give him an experienced to act just like a real Hero.. Not to mention, The baby Parkman, unexpected character….

Based on the spoiler thread

There’s actually a lot of really fun character work happening
in the last four episodes that the writing staff is proud of.
We’ll see Matt retaliate against Danko in a very interesting way.
We’ll also see Sylar strike at the heart of HRG’s life in a way that causes things for him to unravel.

The episode after that is essentially “Company Man” for Angela Petrelli,
where we’ll be doing a flashback to her life in 1961 and the events that happened there, which really motivates who she is now.

In episode 24, we get to the heart of Sylar’s identity crisis, and we clearly understand what his agenda is, what he’s after and who the people in his life are that made the biggest impact. Episode 25 is the big finale.

And I can’t wait to watch it…
I mean, really and really can’t wait…!!!

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5 Responses to Serial TV : Heroes (3rd Season Vol.4)

  1. Imaniza says:

    Da met,,tlg diperjelas cerita 3rd season heroes.
    Ima agak lupo krn nontonnya langsung dr 2nd – 3rd

    Yg ima ingat Dr. Suresh ambil darah,antibodi or whatever dr Maja tp ada efek samping buat Suresh. Trus Mr. Petrelli Senior menghilangkan ingatan Hiro sampai umur 10 tahun(or something). Ada tokoh saudara nya Haitian who can’t get hurt. I don’t know her character whose got electricity power but get killed by Sylar. Is it?

    If it’s so, 3rd season is sucks.
    Question ending, the character that keep growing..
    2nd n 3rd are nothing to 1st season

    But remind me if i’m mistaken about the plot^-^

    • armetra says:

      wah2…itu lah lamo Ima…
      electricity girl tu malah punyo “kisah” gt dee samo Sylar..(ha3)…

      Tapi, season 3 tu ado duo volume…Vol.3 samo Vol.4…
      Dmet cm carito ttg plot yang Season 3 Vol.4 se…
      Klo Season 3 Vol.3, gak bagus2 amat…membosankan dan gak jelas…he3…

      Klo 1st season, itu mah, The Phenomenal Season… ^_^

  2. Imaniza says:

    ooo gtu,,,
    sorry, ima ndk trlalu mengikuti, kecewa sejak 2nd tetep bharap sm 3rd season (vol 3), trnyata sama2 bikin patah hati.
    setuju samo da met, 1st season,made me speechless…..

  3. justwinda says:

    nda suko lo nonton heroes..
    di kosan kn sdg ado heroes 3..
    alah 2 bulan lamonyo..
    tp alun jo nda tonton2 lai..
    hahaa… 😀

  4. armetra says:

    Yobana Winda suko..???
    kq bisa alun d tonton jo..??lah 2 bulan lho tu..
    klo suko mah, nonton luh…
    kegiatan lain, bahkan baraja dan yg sejenis,
    tingga-an luh….hahahahaha….

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