Embrace The Uncertainty Of Life

We can’t plan life precisely.
Because no matter how perfect our plan is,
life has a way to rearrange it.
If you could see a movie of your life before you lived it,
would you want to live it?

Well, I’ve been involved on several Engineering Project on the company I’m working now. Just like any other Oil & Gas project that I’ve experienced, there is similar pattern that I know very well which always happen. It’s called the uncertainty moments, where I didn’t know what, when, and how the best solution of Engineering Design shall be applied for the specific problems or issues on the project.

I know, it’s the uncertainty that life is all about. But, to be honest, you see, I confess that I normally hate to be caught on the bad feeling in those uncertainty time. The most difficult part of uncertainty, at least for me, is the inability to plan and feel in control, until I know all the answer.

But maybe, it isn’t the uncertainty that bothers me, it’s my tendency to get lost in my feelings and thought about it. The feeling where I’ve made speculation and speculation, that leads me to start indulging fear, then I get lost in a cycle of reactionary thoughts.

But, It comes to my mind occasionally, “If I could see a movie of my life before I lived it, would I want to live it?” As for now, my direct answer will be definitely not. The thrill of living is that, I don’t know what’s coming. In other words, uncertainty is what makes my life fun. My sense is that, that uncertainty rescues me from boredom.

It’s like this, “If you could see each future step along the way, you’d never get the chance to be amazed at what you can do”, doesn’t it?

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The New Chapter of Moving Forward

It’s funny, sometimes I walk into a place I’ve never been before,
but I get the feeling that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
So, never underestimate the power of destiny.
Because when I least expect it, suddenly my whole life change 180 degree..

Currently, I’m working for my new job, new place, new “direction”, and with a new people. A job that in my believe is the job that all engineer dream about. A job that provide me an opportunity to have a real career path, to grow, to learn, and also going overseas. Working in one of the biggest company in the world for Oil & Gas industry..

When you’re pushing adulthood, however, It’s easy to say you’re going to do something. It’s easy to be eager with words. Actions, actually, are much harder. You see, It’s almost 1,5 years of my graduation day from college, and living in a real world, working in the dynamism of Project. But, after involved on that job for almost 1,5 years, I can understand that I can’t spent my whole life living like that.

You see, of course there is a risk, still. I know, it’s really a big step that I’ve made for my career. This year will probably be one of my hardest,”and I know, once I’ve tasted this, I can’t turn back”, especially back to Project. There’s this thing about risks though, It’s easy to sign up, but it’s the follow-through that decides your character. So, I would like to focus for an opportunity of a lifetime like this, to pass the challenge of transitioning.

Because, really, given the opportunity to completely change your whole life, what you’re gonna do..?? That night, my father said to me, “Being normal gets you a middle-class life. It’s fifth place, and you know you want to be in first. All successful people then are understandably eccentric. They take risks that normal people wouldn’t.”

And, that’s the moment, see. The moment where I face all my fears in doubting myself  “can I answer the challenge or not”, something like that. Or the moment to decide whether I’m going to smile or freak-out, move forward or turn back.

And in case you were wondering… I jumped..!!! With a smile on my face.. All I hope, taking this chance means, I’ve arrived in my “destination”. Welcome to a new world, Met.. 🙂

Walk the Path You Choose, Not Someone Else’s

The Path

Recently, I got training about Self Development, you know, about Life path or something like that. I’ve noticed, the whole concept is the same. At least, almost same as my principle towards life.. Well, I guess, I just want to share it. I hope it’s useful, especially for me.. 🙂

Admit or not, We are a product of our environment. It is true that we are shaped by environment, our parents, teachers, and friends. The question is, can we break from this conditioning or is it permanent?

Below is a few things so we can walk the path that we choose, not just follow others..

1) Plan The Path

One of the greatest methods to walk your Path is to plan that Path. People who seem destined to walk a Path set by someone else, do so because they fail to think outside the box they have been put in. They accept the Path placed before them and never question or envision it any differently. Those who break free, see the vision of their dreams and desires, not as some fairytale, but as something that can be achieved, something to make plans toward.

Do you walk a life of no planning, or do you walk the Path you choose?
Do you see your dreams as attainable, and work toward them, or mere fantasies?

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Alasan Memilih..

choose one
Artikel yang bener2 bikin awak ngakak pas pertama kali membacanya.
Tentu saja awak dapat dari rileks.comlabs.itb.ac.id (he3…)
Ya, cukup dibaca buat ketawa2 aja..hahaha…

Bagi para wanita, di dalam dunia kencan terdapat banyak pilihan,
misalnya di sebuah cafe, apakah harus
memilih cowo keren charming bersenyum indah yang melirik nakal,
atau laki-laki dingin (cool maksudnya) di ujung sana
yang sedang sibuk mengetik di laptopnya?

Well. . .ada beberapa alasan mengapa saya
merasa kalian (para wanita) sebenarnya lebih baik
memilih yang ke dua (sebut saja si cupu),
daripada yang pertama (sebut saja si gaol)..

Alasannya antara lain adalah :

1.Terlihat kemungkinan yang jelas si gaol mau apa dari kalian,
yaa… kecuali niat kalian “itu-itu” aja ya silahkan,
o iya..kemungkinannya kecil lho ada co cupu yang gak nelfon
kalian kalau mreka dah janji, bagi si cupu mungkin kesempatan “langka”,
tapi buat kalian kan itu menguntungkan.

2.Si cupu sangat berguna di dunia berteknologi tinggi ini,
tidakkah menyenangkan memiliki seseorang yang bisa mengurus laptopmu, aplikasinya, dan semua hal yang berhubungan dengan
kabel yang menancap di dinding?
Pasangan merangkap teknisi pribadi,haha..

3.Romantis, adalah salah satu yang mereka berikan,
oke lah ide romantis mereka mungkin meng-edit web page
untukmu atau terkesan dunia maya banget,
but hey..paling gak itu lebih awet dari bunga,
trus kamu bisa nunjukin hasilnya ke teman-teman..hehe..

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