The Fray – “Never Say Never”

The Fray - Never Say Never

What’s the key to The Fray’s success? Songs you can relate to. And, The Fray return with the second single “Never Say Never”. I’ve been enamored by the piano-ballads stylings of this song since the very first time I heard. “Never Say Never” is such a masterpiece that present on the soundtrack of the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen..

The song is about a direct love between two people who are “pulling apart and coming together again and again”..

And yet, The Fray described it perfectly..

I think “Never Say Never” as “a syrupy ballad” that is nothing short of astonishing. There’s falsetto towards the end and its romantic, wistful and full of understated grace. Backed by strings and a swelling rhythm section, it’s a polished and positive step forward for The Fray..

Yap, enjoy the song & video… 🙂

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Goo Goo Dolls – Let Love In

Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In

John Rzeznik as we know,
or at least myself, know that he is a lyrical genius..
What he feels, what he has been through,

what he expresses, is what We have all been through..

The writing here is great,
with a lot of hopefulness
to counteract the underlying sadness..

Emotional and poetic, but at the same time,
it’s quite predictable and safe..
Just like when you felt, you know,
Everything means more now than words can explain..”
This is just my opinion..

Well, if you watch Serial TV – Chuck,
then you’ll know this video, see below.
The video was taken from Chuck & Sarah,

at Eps 1.04 Chuck vs The Wookie..
Hope you Enjoy it..

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Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars Cover

Yeah, you know, I’m very big fans of Snow Patrol..
And this song is one of , my all time favorite song..

I think the thing I love about this song is that it’s asking a question.
We can see ourselves asking that question.
But the desolate beauty of it, I think means we already know the answer to the question is no..

Well, the lyrics are beautiful. The music was simple, but deep, and enjoyable..
It make me feel so nostalgic…
This was played on the last episode of Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, though..
Ever since, I just can’t get this song out of my head.
It’s probably one of the simplest yet rawest love songs I’ve ever heard..
This song stuck in my head, with every single word he says…

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A7F – Dear God

This song is always be “my friends”,
especially when I was finishing my bachelor thesis a few months ago…

Intro:  F-C-Dm-Am-B-F-C

F        C             Dm                 Am
A lonely road, crossed another cold state line,
Bb                F            C
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find,
F          C           Dm                 Am
While I recall all the words you spoke to me,
Bb                  F
Can’t help but wish that I was there,
Back where I’d love to be, oh yeah

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Way Back Into Love…


Yup, sometimes, it’s always appear the question in my mind…
Where is the love that I’ve been wanted..??
A love of a lifetime..Am I still too young for it..??
Or, is it still not the right time..???

When I have this moment of missing/lonely,
I usually listen this song for quite a few times..
Yeah, It just for reminds me, that there will be “her” for me someday..

This song is a soundtrack for Music & Lyrics movie..
A quite good comedy-romance movie though…
And, the song, it’s really fit into the story..
And, for some moment, it fits me too..

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Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me (from One Tree Hill Best Moment)

I still remember about the moment of this song.
The moment from the movie that has taken this song for its soundtrack.
Do you know what movie..?? It’s in One Tree Hill..
The capturing moment with this song was so perfect, deep, and also touching.

For an example,
It’s capturing a sad moment between Andy and Lucas’s mom..
She said,”I love you Andy, I do..”
Then, Andy answered, ” I love you too Karen, but somehow,
it’s just doesn’t seem to be enough for you

And, to remember this moment of this movie,
I remember the best quote that makes realize about myself too…

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