My Movie Collection : A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

My Rating : 9.9 / 10
Genre : Biography, Drama
Plot Keywords : Nobel Prize, Based on True Story
More Info : here at IMDB



A Beautiful Mind was by far the most original, intelligent and entertaining movie I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of movies in my time, but this movie just took me by storm. Its uniqueness, ironically enough because it was based on a real life situation.

This movie provided a brilliant (pardon the pun) insight into many aspects of a genius at work. And, I think, this movie is by far one of the most compelling movies of our generation. It’s really more than deserved to be included on my collection list. 🙂

It touched me on many levels. The psychology of the movie was intriguing, the mathematical philosophies was realistic, and the icing on the cake making the movie stand out was surprisingly the humanistic side of Love. While love is a common basis in most movies, the interaction of this theme with other aspects of the plot was planned phenomenally.



The Only Thing Greater Than the Power of Mind is the Courage of Heart..
He Saw The World In A Way No One Could Have Imagined..
I need to believe that something extra ordinary is possible…

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