Pipeline Engineering World

Some kids dream of being astronauts.
Some kids dream of playing baseball.
Some kids dream of becoming rockstar.
When I was a kid, I had only one dream
To create something useful to people & society..
And eventually, I became an engineer..

(~Ted – HIMYM)

Well, there are a lot of responses on my blog and my e-mails that asking about pipeline. The thing is, It’s not like I’m more expert than you, because honestly, I’m also same like you that still required to learn more. So, I hope, this post is useful to give a basic understanding for you, who also want to pursue the career on pipeline’s world.

What is ‘Engineering’?

There is little point in talking about pipeline engineering without first understanding what ‘engineering’ is, isn’t it?

Engineering basicaly means an application of science to create something through practical of technical knowledge on design, or implement, or problems solving, or improvements for materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely meet its intended function, efficiently & economically.

In a big / establish country, Engineering is a high demand and prestigious profession, because Engineers can make a big ‘difference’ in the world by clever designs on energy worlds, or on infrastructure projects such as building, bridge, or water treatment to give people clean water to drink.

What is ‘Pipeline’?

The term pipeline refers to a long line of connected segments of pipe, with pumps, valves, control devices, gas compressor stations, and other equipment/facilities needed for operating the system. It is intended for transporting a fluid (liquid, gas, mixture of fluids, etc.), of under or above the ground or sea.

In a “rich oil” country, pipeline systems are always in high demand. As transportation by pipelines reduces traffic on highways and streets, reduces noise, air pollution, and damage to highways & streets caused by trucks and other vehicles.

Define “Pipeline Engineering”

What is the first thing you think of when I say “pipeline engineering”? “I don’t know” or “that’s a good question” was a common first response to me. Although many specifically said “mechanical engineering”, some identified “civil engineering”, but there seemed to be a bit of “process engineers”.

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Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Pipeline

The art of living draws no sharp distinction between his labor & his leisure, his work & his play, his education & his recreation. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he’s doing, and leaves others to determine whether he’s working or playing. To himself, he is always doing both.

(~James A. Michener)

You see, I’ve been moving to new city since last month, it’s related with my Job Assignment for Oil & Gas Project. Currently, I’ve been involved on Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) of Oil & Gas Project for NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) Pipeline, that will be used to transport an extracted NGL from Prabumulih to Palembang.

As you know, a pipeline is a complex transportation system, that is intended for transporting a fluid (liquid or gas), from plant to other plant that have long distance. Pipelines perform vital functions. They serve as arteries, bringing natural gas through a dense underground network of distribution lines, that have facility such as Pig Launcher, Pig Receiver, Metering Stations, SCADA System, Valve Stations, etc.

As Pipeline Engineer, I have to know about specification, criteria, and requirement. It will be useful on route selection, wall thickness analysis, flexibility stress analysis, stability analysis, corrosion protection, installation analysis, etc. And surely, to ensure the constructability of pipeline design, both on “paper” and also on the field.

The Dynamism Part – Living The Life

The Dynamism Part is coming when I have to go to Field. As Field Pipeline Engineer, I have a role to ensure construction works will be perfoming as per engineering design & specifications. Also to lead all activities regarding any field adjusment.

Just like any Oil & Gas projects, working on the field have dynamism & flexibility. It is the best part, indeed. Because I’m not like “robots” anymore, It’s a lot of traveling & and mobile during the work. It feels that my life aren’t running on “auto-pilot”. I’m far away from life that caught in the loop of “going through the motions” in automated mode (repeating the same activities day by day).

You see, lots of people are drone through the weekdays, looking forward to Fridays and weekends, where they recharge themselves for yet another dead week ahead. This cycle continues week after week, with no end until they’re retired. They are too comfortably snuggled in the cycle, convincing themselves that their current life is the best one.

Because, as far as I concerned, the truth is, ”Death isn’t sad. The sad thing is: most people don’t live at all. “