Good Things I’ve Learned About Criticism

You know, from what I can understand, Criticism means a judgment stating that something isn’t as good as it could be, and may haunt us and leave us feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and then we launch counterattack..

I don’t believe anyone is completely immune to being hurt by criticism, unless they’re void of emotion, but it does get easier over time. And, Honestly, I’d rather hear what I’m doing wrong than what I’m doing right. I can’t correct anything unless I know what I may be doing wrong, especially at this young age..

So, I would like to tell you some good things I’ve learned about criticism..

  • Brings Me Back “Down to Earth”
    Too much praise will stilt your personal growth and fuel your ego until you feel like whatever you say or do is irreproachable. Loving criticism (and not simply blocking it out completely) keeps me level-headed and be more human. I am not perfect. I will make mistakes and at times I deserve criticism. And, I’m really be grateful that people are willing to take their time to disagree with me..

    Prepares Me More
    Life is a series of criticism. Wait. No. That doesn’t sound like me. Life kicks butt, but I do have to accept, that no matter what I do, I’ll be wrong according to someone else, and that means I’ll be criticised. And if I’m not criticised, then I’m not trying hard enough to be amazing. Each critique I face is a stepping stone towards a thicker skin.

    Reconsider to Change
    What I’ve noticed, Most criticism will be from trolls – people simply trying to make me feel bad, maybe. But, there is an occasion, I will be met with logical arguments and genuine discussion. I can identify these moments because I’ll feel defensive. That defensiveness, actually, is a sign that there is a lack of congruence in what I was holding. Then, it makes me think, that something’s not right and I need to reconsider for a change about what I’m doing, saying or thinking..

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Meningkatkan Performa PC lewat Ngedit Registry (1st)


Dari pengalaman awak menggunakan kompie ya,
Dalam beberapa jangka waktu pemakaian,
masuk ke dalam Windows kok makin lama makin susah ya..???
Jadi ngebutuhin waktu tambahan, gak seperti biasanya.
Trus, ngebuka program, juga rasanya kok makin lemot..???

Nah, kalo ngalamin yang gitu-gitu, apa harus install ulang Windows lagi?
Wah, nggak perlu seekstrim itu sebenarnya.

Dari sepengetahuan awak, ada beberapa hal sederhana yang dapat kita lakukan, diantaranya adalah :
(SOTOY mode : ON..hehehe)

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