The 2010 Journey..

It feels like it was just yesterday that 2010 year was beginning, and now it’s all over. Time flies fast, doesn’t it?

It’s just like driving. When you’re driving in a car, it can be hard to see where you are and where you’re heading to. On the other hand, pausing for a short moment to look at “the map” can be amazingly helpful. Doing so helps to regain focus.

2010 will be remembered as the year that pushing me towards an adulthood life. Today, I looked at back with anything that I’ve done, even I couldn’t believe with what I’ve achieved.

2010 was begin with lots of feelings of under-achievements in almost every aspect of my life. While some of my friends had already established their career path, me on another side, was back to “square one” after resigned and become unemployed. Then, I was facing a daring adventure month on “selling” my resume, going from one opportunity to another opportunity and from one city to another city.

My own small business hit the lowest point where I didn’t have any clients at all, that was leaning to a self-doubt. “Maybe I’m in the wrong business, or ” maybe I’m a total idiot for thinking this would ever work out at all,” I was wondering..

And with those kind of event in my life, it really made me far far away to think about those love stuff, such as dating or serious relationship.

Then, after long dark “road”, then, I jumped to the ship in one of big worldwide company that served Oil & Gas Industry. A job that provide me an opportunity to have a real career path, to grow, to learn, and also going overseas. The opportunity to completely change my whole life to walk in a new direction.

But, the job turns out that I have to work in a way that I couldn’t imagine. Workload that makes me have to sacrifice my personal life, the stress when I felt stuck with the analysis, and also being a multitasker junkie, but surprisingly been trusted to be an interviewer.

Then, near end of the year, clients suddenly coming in, and my own business back again to the game. Eventually, It forced me to hire a few staff.

What about love area? Well, I looked at some of my friends that getting married, that honestly presents a strange moment of self-evaluation, especially when wedding invitation came. But, in 2010, my main focus was to prepare myself in terms of religion, mentality, attitude, financial, etc. But, I’ve done nothing for chasing or trying to built “connection”. Yep, I know that odds are, She’s not gonna magically walk through that door, but it seems as nice a spot as any to just, sit and wait for a while, preparing myself on any side.

So, 2010..?? I learned that “timing” is so important in any area of life, experienced times to be underrated & unappreciated, felt too old for some stuff, experienced the period where I felt lost control over my path, and therefore also felt anxiety about my decisions, confused about what I’m sacrificing or compromising..But there was also a moment when I realize I can’t just skip ahead to where I think my life should be..

Yep, Tomorrow had arrived..Welcome 2011..

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