The Art of Challenge

It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it..
It’s not what you see, it’s how you look at it..
It’s not how your life is, it’s how you live it..
Because, just like everything else in life,
with the right attitude, everything will just be easy..

As far as I understand so far, Life is pretty much a big wheel of wants. As we grow older, spinning that wheel will take us on many different challenges. Part of that journey involves an element called “Chance”. But, the truth is, we don’t know what chances or opportunity we’ll encounter during our life. Suffice to say, the real world is a lot more ambiguous. It can be overwhelming, stressful and downright daunting.

And that is the thing that I’m facing right now. You see, since last month, I’ve been handed a new opportunity on my job, which made me not only dealing with technical side, but also to manage, control, and guide the team who execute the task. I know, this is the start of a very independent period for me, one of big chance for myself to grow professionally. This time there’s a new element called big responsibility that has been added to the game.

And, with this chance, it comes the challenge, where I’ve been forced to deal on my edge of incompetence, get out of my comfort zone, scaling my frustrations, tolerate the uncertainty, filter something grey, control my emotions, persuade/influence people without being “bossy”, arguing in a good & respectable manner, learning to prioritize, divide my attention but keep focused on detailed, and surely learning to put my ego at the right time & the right condition.

Perspective is The Answer

After all, everybody want to be succeed and achieved something big, right? So, as like my co-workers said, the answer for challenge is all about Perspective. It’s important to look at the bigger picture, especially when I want to build a family on near time, manage & drive people with responsibility, humility, and commitment is a perfect training to live, not only as professional, but mainly as a gentleman.

So, I forced myself to think about the situation with cold logic, trying so hard to turn off all my fears & doubts on looking at situation objectively in order to remove all these worries. I know that I need to face these landmines once in my lifetime. If not now, then when..???

Because the only true choice we have on our journey through life is to face what’s immediately in front of us, handle it to the best of our present abilities, and move on to our future from the anchoring point of “what can I do now?”, right?

The thing is, transitions and adjustments take time. But, the simple concept of perspective to keep my view point in check is all that I need to continue making progress in my careers and lives. Persistence and perspective help me a lot on navigate in times of uncertainty, because challenges are one of the elements in life which we’ll have to confront. No matter the road, it is evident without them we’ll not grow.

In the end, It’s all about humility & sincerity, that comes from a sense of responsibility, commitment, curiosity, and fulfillment that makes me keep smiling during the hard time. Because, it’s one of those things, that is worth fighting for. This is the bridge, and I must cross it, and I hope I’ll see that the skies are sunnier than ever on the other side…

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