The Puzzle of Opportunity


Yeah, I know, if we think back to all events of our life,
Everybody surely ever thought (at some point of their life),
That perhaps,
too often we tend to associate the thought of wasted opportunities
with the big decisions we make in life.

Such as:
I should have taken that job,
I should have told that woman how I felt about her,
I should have followed my heart,
instead of yielding to my sense of pragmatism,
and pursued my dream to whatever.
Who knows what would have happened,
I might just be a happier person today.

Yeah, that kind of things…

At some points, I realize these puzzle.
The road that we not traveled is fated to be a haunting intangibility
when we’ve yet to realize a savoring taste of satisfaction in life.
The more frustrated we are with any aspect of our life experience,
the more we are apt to look back on those, clearly defined forks in the roads that mark our life’s path with a heavy sense of regret.

We then presume to live our life in a state of retrospect and in so doing fail to be present to the endless parade of more subtle but ultimately more significant opportunities that are passing us by everyday.

But what exactly are these opportunities?
They usually come and go so quickly
that we hardly pay them any mind at all.
They are the moments we experience
where everything seems to open up for us,
where every worry seems to fall away,
every plight we’ve had to struggle with seems trivial,
and the weight we’ve been carrying around as if it were our only supply of water in an endless terrain of desert lifts.

In this moment we are overcome with the sense that:

Life is good.
Everything is okay.
Anything is possible.
I am truly blessed.

I believe, we are familiar with this feeling,
I’m certain, they occur regularly.
The truth of it all is however is that these moments,
when they occur, are not an indulgence of fantasy.
They are actually a window into Reality.
A window which we may choose to bask in the light of.
But it is too often the case that we choose to turn them away.
Through our doubt and through our pessimism we let these fantastic assurances pass we by.

Life is knocking, but when will you be ready to heed its call, Met?
I know, now, I’m so ready…

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