Two Years in Real World..


I think, most people have fancy expectations that one day,
we will find a person who really understands our experiences,
the woman who will bring peace to our restless life,
the job where we can fulfill our potential,
the book which will explain everything,
and the place where we can feel at home..

Well, It’s official. I’ve been living in a real world for two years since I’ve graduated from college. I think, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot since then, and all fancy expectations have been replaced with real responsibility, you know?

I look at my life, and I’m no longer studying & learning about how to do something, I’m actually doing it. Suddenly I’m being paid money to do something because it needs to be done. It’s not a case where if I don’t do it or I’m late in doing it, then I just get a bad grade.

And I think that’s how you know when you’re an adult. Not that college is easy or anything. But there’s a world of difference when you realize that you’re actually doing stuff, forging the way ahead.

During on college, my biggest concern was still trying to get assignments done on time, ensure that I didn’t oversleep in the morning when my professor took test, internet football forum stuff, PC games, new episodes of Serial TV, how to impress a girl from different faculty, and how to bail from relationships when it becomes too serious, etc..

All adult serious stuff such as long terms career, money flow, secure investment, inflation, future families that I’m going to build, and so on, only appears as pretty much a joke of fantasy.

But,now, I realize that I have to consider about those things, seriously, looking at as real responsibilities.

And it’s not just responsibility with respect to the company I work for. There’s responsibility for future family too. Even if I don’t have a family now, I feel the responsibility on my shoulders for the “ghosts” of my future family to come. I don’t have a wife or children now, but chances are good that I will at some point in the future.

And with this responsibility, I’m suddenly forced to have financial responsibility. With actual amounts of money, I have to ensure that those amounts are preserved, grown, and enough down the line for future.

Two years ago, before living in a real world, all I have just fancy expectations. But, after two years in a real world, reality revealed some uncomfortable truths, where, I do have a lot of real responsibilities.

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