What an Amazing Weekend..

Here I Am

Well, after got holiday for a few days, weekend to home sweet home, where I can just relaxed and enjoyed the moment, far away from job & work complex, and forgetting all problems for a while, then, I feel so “new”..
Yeah, I really needed this actually…

I’ve met my family, seen my old room, and guess what, all stupid picture still on the wall, 🙂 played football in my hometown, Laugh on stupid memories from the childhood with my old friends..
What a great time..

When I was going back to Dumai for work again,
I was followed with song from Bryan Adams – Here I am…
It’s really fit as my life soundtrack for now.. 🙂

Here I am..This is me,
I come to this world so wild and free…
Here I am, so young & strong,

Right here in the place where I belong..

It’s a new world,
It’s a new start,

It’s alive with the beating of young hearts,

It’s a new day,
It’s a new plan,
And the future is waiting for me,
Here I am…

I felt fresh, and ready to continue my journey..
Self Development & Continuous Learning, The chapter has continued..
So young, and So hungry..
So hungry for knowledge, Life experience, & Meaningful contributions…
Time to accept responsibility for the future with less complaining…
Here I am…

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